The Netherlands hosts the International Bulk Wine Competition

The Netherlands hosts the International Bulk Wine Competition


Amsterdam, 11-25-2013.- Organized by the company Pomona Keepers, the International Bulk Wine Competition is the only event in the world that evaluates bulk wine. For its 3rd edition, it counted on a selected jury made up of highly-experienced international wine-tasters.

The International Bulk Wine Competition included 72 samples that started to be served at 9:30 am to an exceptional jury, which was split up into two groups and made up of the following tasters:

Table One:

Mi Yeun Hong, specialized journalist from the magazine Cookland (South Korea).

Carlos González, director of the Guía Peñín (a wine-specialized guide from Spain)

Leonardo Montes, oenologist at the INAVI (Uruguay)

Petronella Salvi, specialized journalist (South Africa)

Chris Alblas, specialized journalist (The Netherlands)

Table Two:

Blandine Philibert, consultant in oenology (France)

John Salvi, journalist and Master of Wine (Great Britain)

Christophe Desplas, manager of Prochile in The Netherlands (Chile)

Nicola Tucci, oenologist (Italy)

Paul Robert Blom, specialized journalist (The Netherlands)


The International Bulk Wine Competition awards the best participating bulk wines with the following medals: Grand Gold, Gold and Silver. These awards will be given tomorrow on the 26th of November within the WBWE coinciding with the last day of the exhibition. This morning, after the close of the competition and even before knowing the results, the wine-tasters seemed very enthusiastic. Carlos González, director of the Guía Peñín, underlined “the positive impression left by the high quality of the bulk wines. It is necessary to break the mould and the prejudices and to stop stigmatizing a product of high quality. Let’s stop giving so much importance to packaging and show more respect for the raw material”

Mi Yeun Hong, Korean gastronomic journalist from the magazine Cookland and expert on Italian wines, emphasized “the diversity and high quality of many of the wines presented, on an international level too”. In any case, to discover the name of this edition’s winners of the International Bulk Wine Competition, we will have to wait until Tuesday the 26th.


The International Bulk Wine competition has been created to guarantee transparency and a better knowledge of the quality of wines of large volumes, with the aim of promoting a section of wines that represent nearly 40% of the annual international market, as well as bringing to light its virtues among consumers and international distributors, dignifying its consumption and rewarding the efforts of its makers.

Wines from all over the world can take part in the Competition, if they are produced in a minimum quantity of 10.000 liters.

The wines that obtain between 83 and 87 points will be awarded the silver medal. The gold medal will be given to wines that obtain between 88 and 95 points and those between 96 and 100 points will win the super gold medal. The total number of awards will not exceed 30% of the participating samples. The Best Wine Award will be given to the wine earning the highest score in any of the participating categories.

The different categories are the following: white wines, red wines, rosés and special wines, whether they have aged in wood or not, and in addition to those which possess a variety denomination, a geographic indication or a designation of origin. For red wines, there are two additional categories: the 2013 wines and those of previous vintages.

The International Bulk Wine Competition aims to be one more tool in the battle for the recognition and commercialization of wines of large volumes, whose quality is gradually being more appreciated, partly thanks to the investment of the World Bulk Wine Exhibition.


The World Bulk Wine Exhibition offers an exclusive place to show and discover the best bulk wines worldwide, just after the end of the grape harvest.

During the past edition, the World Bulk Wine Exhibition brought together 130 producer companies from 11 different countries and, during only two days, they had the possibility of presenting their products to more than a thousand buyers and 4000 visitors who came from more than 40 different countries. In short: an acquisition capacity of nearly 20 million hectoliters.

The 5th edition of the World Bulk Wine Exhibition will be held on the coming 25th and 26th of November at the Amsterdam RAI.


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