Online Conversion Winemaking Calculator

  • Volume conversions

    Capacity and Volume Conversion - converts metric, English, and scientific units of capacity and volume like liters, cubic meters, gallons, quarts and more.

    milliliters mL
    liters L
    hectoliters hL
    cubic meters m3
    cubic inches in3
    gallons gal
    fluid ounces fl_oz
    cups cup
    pints pin
    quarts qt
    tablespoons tbl
    teaspoons tsp
  • Temperature conversions

    Temperature Conversion - convert two main temperature scales °F and °C.

    • °F, the Fahrenheit Scale (used in the US)
    • °C, the Celsius Scale (part of the Metric System, used in most other countries)

    Celsius °C
    Fahrenheit °F
  • Mass conversions

    Weight and Mass Conversion - converts metric, English, and scientific weight and mass units like kilograms, tons, ounces, pounds and more.

    milligrams mg
    grams g
    kilograms Kg
    metric tons t
    ounces oz
    pounds Lbs
    tons ton
  • Pressure conversions

    Pressure Conversion - convert between common pressure units like Pa, bar, atmosphere, pound square feet, psi and more

    pascals Pa
    atmospheres atm
    millibars mbars
    bars bars
    lbs per sq in psi
    lbs per sq foot Lbs/ft2
    kg per sq mm Kg/mm2
    kg per sq cm Kg/cm2
    kg per sq meter Kg/m2
    torr torr
    cm of Hg cmHg
    cm of Water cmWater
    foot of Hg footHg
    foot of Water footWater
    inches of Hg inHg
    inches of Water inWater
    mm of Hg mmHg
    mm of Water mmWater
  • Area conversions

    Area Conversion - converts metric, English, and scientific units of area like acres, hectares, square meters, square feet and more.

    square meters m2
    acres acre
    hectares ha
    square feet ft2
    square inches in2
    square miles mi2
    sqare yards yd2
  • Distance conversions

    Length and Distance Conversion - converts metric and imperial units including kilometers, miles, meters, feet, Inches and more.

    microns µm
    millimeters mm
    centimeters cm
    meters m
    kilometers km
    inches in
    feet ft
    miles mi
    nautical miles Nmi


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